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Digital Asset Risk for Institutional Investors

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Digital asset risk should be limited to the success or failure of an instrument, not the operations that support investment.

We give our clients greater confidence to invest in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets by assessing service providers’ capabilities and ensuring that their investments are properly serviced and safeguarded throughout the lifecycle.

Thomas Murray Digital

Digital assets have risen in value dramatically since 2017. Funds of all risk appetites are adding exposure, and many dedicated funds have been launched. Regulation of the sector has not yet solidified, and the risks are often not fully understood.

Thomas Murray Digital provides trusted, independent validation of service providers – including exchanges and custodians – ensuring that their capabilities and operational safety are fully understood and satisfy investors’ requirements.


Standardised, comparable and filterable reference data on the basic facts and capabilities of digital asset service providers.


Risk assessments and intelligence on didital asset markets, crypto exchanges, custodians and other digital asset market infrastructures.


Expertly managed RFP programmes through our widely-used proprietary application to select the right service provider.


Ongoing due diligence and benchmarking of counterparties for efficient compliance and risk mitigation.



Mark has over thirty years’ global investment banking experience. Today, he is an advisor to several firms, from the investment industry to tech start-ups and a cybersecurity company. Mark has an MBA from Ashridge Business School and political science degrees from SOAS, University of London and the University of Cambridge. He began his career as an officer in the British Army.


Jan is a Managing Partner & co-Founder of crypto market-maker and proprietary trading firm, Alphaplate, as well as the Founder of Pure Digital Markets and Strategic Advisor to BunkerEx. He has extensive experience in e-FX Sales and Business Development, Liquidity Provision and Trading. Jan holds a BA in International Relations, with Computer Science and Statistics (Subsidiary) from Keele University.


Hugo has served as a Network Manager within the Global Network Management Team at Thomas Murray, supporting the on-going monitoring and risk analysis of agent bank networks for Global Custodian clients. Hugo has long held the view that blockchain and distributed ledger technologies will become integral to the securities landscape. He holds an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the University of Brighton.


Martin is the Chief Financial Officer of Thomas Murray. Martin has over 20 years experience as a chartered accountant. After training at KPMG, he joined Sporting Group and helped create a SaaS based data platform for the betting and gaming industry. Martin has previously held a number of regulatory approvals with the FCA and the UK Gambling Commission.


Simon is the Executive Chairman of Thomas Murray. He worked at S.G. Warburg and KPMG Management Consultants, and was an Executive Director of Davis International Banking before co-founding Thomas Murray in 1994. He trained as a chartered accountant at Coopers & Lybrand.


Andrew is a Director at Thomas Murray. He has held several roles at the company and now serves as Chief Administrative Officer. A career technologist, he has held cryptocurrencies since 2011. He has an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and an MA from the University of St Andrews.

About us

Thomas Murray Digital, a subsidiary of Thomas Murray, has been launched in partnership with digital asset expert Jan Ivar Strømme.

Drawing on deep experience setting standards for the analysis of traditional market infrastructures and service providers, Thomas Murray Digital is uniquely placed in the industry to launch the first digital asset solution for funds.

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